1. What is ePay Pilipinas?

This website is a resource center for the community of stakeholders that are working to transition the Philippines from cash to electronic payments.

Electronic payments provide substantial benefits for governments, businesses, organizations, and individuals, to help improve lives and achieve inclusive growth.

For the move towards a cash-lite society, we need a strong, committed multi-sectoral community bolstered with the right set of information, tools, and technologies. That is why ePay Pilipinas was created as an aggregator of resources and information to support its network of collaborators. It will also be a hub for productive discussion and sharing of best practices that will stimulate a concerted, systematic shift to electronic payments in the Philippines.

2. To whom is this resource intended for?

This site is intended to serve as a dynamic space and collection of knowledge on everything about e-Payments in the Philippines.Therefore, this will be useful for government units, businesses, payment service providers, consumers, and the general public interested on e-Payments.

3. Is there a fee associated for the use of this site?

There is no fee associated with use of this site. It is a free site, intended for the e-Payments sector and the general public. Furthermore, no formal registration is required for use of this site.

4. Who maintains this site?

This site is maintained by a consortium of stakeholders and advocates involving e-Payments in the Philippines.

5. How may I receive further information about the e-Payments ecosystem in the Philippines?

Be sure to visit this site as often as possible, visit the associate Facebook page, follow the ePay Pilipinas Twitter handle, and support all advocacies about e-Payments in the Philippines. You may also sign-up for a regular electronic newsletter sent straight to your email.