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USAID E-PESO’s Philippine Institutional Payments Baseline Survey (Highlights of Results)

The Philippine Institutional Payments Baseline Survey undertaken by USAID E-PESO Activity provides data on awareness, usage, intention to use and value of e-payments among businesses and government corporations in the country. The study is based on a survey on the payment behavior of businesses and their propensity to shift to electronic payments (e-payments).

The data will shed light on the common payment transactions of businesses and government corporations, what instrument they use for each transaction and through which channels they make their payments. Results of this study will be beneficial for the public and private sector alike. Providers of e-payment products and services can learn about how to improve their service offerings, product design, and partnership approach to drive further usage. Policymakers, for their part, can glean on the concerns of consumers/businesses about digital payments and channels and how regulations can help ease those constraints.

The study highlights can be downloaded from this link.


Rachel Quintos

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