There is a new mode to verify online transactions in the country and it requires you to take a selfie. With the growing use of e-banking, EON has developed an easy-to-use and secured mobile app that will allow you to receive payments without going to a bank and set an account or purchase stuff online.

The EON mobile app uses facial recognition to log in, which uses the same technology from UK’s Atom Bank and the Homeland Security in the United States, said Paolo Eugenio Baltao, Senior Vice President, Head of Business Transformation, Transaction Banking Group.

“This is the first selfie-banking implementation in the Philippines, the other banks have not even gone to that extent, the farthest they have gone to is touch ID,” said Baltao.

Fingerprint scanning technologies are limited to certain devices, unlike front-facing cameras, which are virtually in every smartphone on the market.

“That’s why we went into selfie banking. All mobile phones have front-facing cameras,” Baltao said. “Even entry-level phones have decent front facing cameras, making it accessible to everyone who owns a smartphone.”

When launching the EON app, you are required to take a selfie. As an added security, while taking the selfie you are required to blink. This cuts risks from unauthorized users from hacking your account.

The EON app comes with an EON card, which can be purchased at 7-11 stores or at Lazada, for P150. This includes P50 credits.

Baltao said that while EON is targeting everyone interested in using their service, they are leaning forward online freelancers and online entrepreneurs who are more exposed to the digital behavior.

“The whole experience we are offering is attuned to the lifestyle to the online freelancer or online entrepreneur,” said Baltao. “We didn’t make this for someone digital savvy but lacks the digital behavior of an online freelancer and online entrepreneur, but we believe that in the future that people will gravitate toward that digital behavior.”

If you lose your EON card, you may simply purchase another card and access your first account online and input your second card. Baltao likened the experience when losing ATM or credit cards, where customers have to undergo several procedures to get a card.

“When you get a new subscription to EON, you get a new subscription to My Shopping Box, which is worth $25,” said Baltao. My Shopping Box subscription gives you a US address where Amazon purchases go to and then will be redirected to your address in the Philippines. Baltao claimed he had used this services multiple times.

To find out more, visit, Facebook /eonbankph, or Twitter @eonbankph.


Rachel Quintos

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